Birth Doula
$1,200.00 includes the following:
I'm available via phone, text or email from the time our relationship begins. You may reach out to me to ask questions, seek resources or simply to talk about how you're feeling. At around 34 weeks, I'll come to your home for the first prenatal visit. We'll discuss your birth preferences and how I can best support you and your partner during labor. At around 37 weeks, I'll meet with you again for another prenatal (if you like) and continue our conversation as well as practice some comfort techniques. From 38 weeks on, I'm on call for you 24/7. When labor begins we'll be in contact by phone. You'll let me know when you'd like me to join you. I'll then stay with you throughout your labor until the baby has arrived and your family is settled. If you are interested, I'll offer breastfeeding assistance as well. After your birth, I'll come to your home for a postpartum visit. This can be as soon as three days after birth or up to six weeks later. You'll decide when my help would be most beneficial for you and your family.

Postpartum Doula
$30 per hour with a 12 hour minimum. My goal as a postpartum doula is to nurture the recovering mama, while building both her and the partner's confidence as new parents and smooth out the transition to family life. We will sit down sometime before the baby is born to discuss how I can best serve your family. After the baby has arrived, I'll come to your home and provide support in any way you need. That may be breastfeeding support, newborn care tips (soothing the baby, carriers, swaddling, baths, etc.) light housecleaning and cooking, or simply giving you time to relax or sleep while I care for baby. 

Relaxed mama and papa = calm, happy baby!

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