"Asking Dia to serve as a doula was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. From the moment we first connected, my husband and I felt at ease with Dia and were instantly attracted to her charismatic demeanor and her belief in a woman’s ownership of her own birthing process. Although our initial reason for seeking out a birthing doula was to assist me in carrying out my birth plan, we received so much more from Dia. She was in contact with us for months before and after the birth through home visits and emails, sharing helpful and engaging pregnancy, birthing, and newborn care resources. She took the time to really get to know our personalities and preferences, even helping us create a new and improved individualized birth plan.When Dia walked into the labor room at the hospital, my husband and I reflected afterward that the atmosphere in the room completely changed. When I saw her, I instantly forgot that just seconds ago I was asking for pain medication. She knew exactly what to do to calm and distract me while my contractions were increasing in intensity, keeping me focused on my breath and our baby we would soon meet. Her constant reassurance that everything I was experiencing and feeling was normal saved me from hysteria! I am convinced that without Dia’s presence, I would have given up on my birth plan.  I am forever grateful for her care and support." - Janine

“Having Dia at our side was beyond helpful with our birth.  She made our experience personal and warm and thoughtful. We were aiming for a non-medicated, natural birth at the Birthing Center at Roosevelt, and we succeeded! I don’t know if we could have done it without Dia. She knew our personalities and preferences from our initial interview and prenatal meeting. She was on the phone with me while I started labor (even though it was realllllly early on a Saturday morning). She joined us at home to help with labor here. Her cool, calm presence helped me stay and labor at home. She saved me from getting to the hospital too early, which was important to me. She and my husband were my support, both literally and figuratively as I walked around outside the hospital in tears. And when I got to the point I didn’t think I could do it any more, she helped me push through. Dia was never in the way of my husband, my midwife, or nurse, but I knew she was always there to support me. She did not take away from the intimacy of this experience, but helped protect it. I would absolutely recommend Dia to anyone about to go through labor!" - Julie (pictured with Leo)          

"My husband and I thought Dia's help was invaluable both before and during the labor experience. As first-time parents, it was reassuring to talk with Dia about our fears, concerns, and expectations beforehand which helped quell any anxiety we had and focus on the excitement of welcoming our daughter into the world. During labor, Dia's experience and knowledge gave us the confidence to have the natural and unmedicated birth for which we had hoped. We are so happy with how everything turned out and wouldn't change a thing!- Katie (daughter Daphne pictured)

"I feel so lucky to have had Dia as our doula. From our very first meeting, we felt totally comfortable with her, and felt like she really understood where we were coming from and what we wanted for our birth. We wanted as little intervention as possible and she really helped us achieve the natural birth we had hoped for. She really knew how to get my labor going--we wanted to stay at home as long as possible, and though it was intense, she was so supportive and warm and strong. (I think I may have left permanent marks on her arm from clenching it in the car-ride to the hospital.) I will always remember Dia playing a vital part of my birth experience. And we are grateful for her expert post-partum advice, which helped us to successfully breastfeed and learn to calm our newborn daughter." - Michi (pictured with Ione)

 "Our pregnancy was considered high risk and we wanted someone with us who understood the doctor and hospital procedures. Dia was invaluable. She was calm and grounded through it all. She helped us know what questions to ask,  clarify our options and kept our family members informed. What we appreciated the most was that she helped us feel solid in our decisions and supported us emotionally. Before during and after the birth Dia was a wonderful support. Little Atticus is 3 months now. Super funny sweet and mellow. We are blessed. I absolutely love being a mom. We are completely blissed out." - Erin (pictured with Atticus)

"Without reservation, having Dia as my doula was one of the best decisions of my birth plan! She is knowledgeable, very experienced and has a calming presence. I hope that she will be able to attend the birth of all of my children to come. My delivery was very different from my planned path and my husband and I are so thankful that Dia was there to support us." - Joslyn (pictured with Jolie)

"Having Dia there was incredibly calming for me--I felt safe.  She kept me hydrated, calm, and also helped me to find positions to get labor moving along.  I also appreciate that Dia doesn't have pre-conceived ideas about how labor should be for you--she is in it for your own journey.  My labor started at home and ended in a hospital, and she was there for every step of the way.  I feel so lucky that Dia was there with us." Rebecca (pictured with Hazel)

"When Dia came to our house during labor, she spoke to us about how we were doing, watched a couple of contractions, and then asked my wife to try a different position.  It was an intense moment:  the first contraction that my wife went through, after Dia suggested a new position, was the most intense contraction my wife had experienced.  I think it frightened both us of, how powerful it was.  My wife began to cry, and I felt a pang of real fear as I heard my wife cry, Dia just said, "Yeah." What that "Yeah" meant was:  "Yeah, that's what they feel like.  Yeah, that's how scared you're going to be.  Yeah, you can do this."  Those were things I could never have said to my wife myself. " Rudy (pictured with Hazel)

Your birth may go easily and without hitches; or you may hit a hitch after thirty hours. There is no one you'd rather have in the room than Dia to tell you, "It's alright, we've planned for this, here is what we can do next, I will help you through." Rebecca and Rudy

"Having a doula was the best decision we made for the labor process. Dan was extremely thankful for the extra set of helping hands during the times when I required 100% of his attention. Dan's only focus was to take care of me and I think you did a good job at not only taking care of me, but also watching out for his mental/physical health. From my point of view your support was exactly what I needed. You helped us stay calm and steady in a situation where I know I could have easily spiraled out of control. What I am really thankful for is that you listened to my birthing wish list during our pre-labor meetings and stuck to them. I would definitely recommend you to friends and family and would love your help again for the next child." - Daniella (pictured with Lucas)

"Dia's lively personality and her passion as a doula was evident  in the way she worked with me. I was able to have this kind of wonderful experience during my time in labor. The first time I met her we immediately clicked. Something inside assured me that I had found the right doula. In as much as I could not shake off the feeling of finding someone great and resourceful to be present at my birth, I really was in for a wonderful surprise the rest of the way. She was indispensable and I would not have been able to make it without her. The highlight of it all is her unique ability to be with you in body and spirit. Not for one moment did I feel that she was drifting off or not in sync with what was happening to me. Her sensitivity, experience, tactfulness and an aura about her that is indescribable, touched and likewise satisfied the kind of service that I was looking for deep inside. My body was happy and likewise my baby. My labor was long and I was happy to know that she was with me until the end." - Nahidia (pictured with Noah)

"My wife Marni and I were planning our first birth at the Birthing Center at Roosevelt Hospital. We took Bradley classes with Mary Esther Malloy and were under the care of the Sandy Wood midwifes practice. Because of all of that and my concern about losing some intimacy I was undecided about hiring a doula while Marni was favoring it. We met a few doulas and were unconvinced, and then we met Dia and it became clear very quickly to both of us that she was the right person. We liked her assertiveness, her own experience as a mother of two and her general demeanor; she is straight forward and easy to talk to. My wife ended up having a long painful posterior labor and because of minor complications we ended up in traditional labor and delivery; after 27 hours of grueling labor Marni gave birth all naturally to our little girl Natasha; there is no way we would have made it that far, that way without Dia. She stayed in sync with Marni the entire way and we were a fantastic team together. If we had to go again through the same experience we would not choose anyone else. We are in total agreement with all the wonderful compliments Dia is receiving on this page as our experience was just the same. You never know how a birth is going to play out; in some cases it is very hard work and having an extra caring, devoted and talented person to help you is not only wonderful but indispensable." - Eric (pictured with Natasha, see his amazing wife Marni on the Images page)

 "Dia was an invaluable part of my birth experience. I was hoping for a birth with as few interventions as possible, so when my doctors told me I'd have to be induced due to excessive amniotic fluid, I was quite upset. The medications I'd receive (Cytotec and Pitocin) cause incredibly painful contractions, and I was certain I'd end up needing an epidural, which I really didn't want. (I had made it through my daughter's birth three years earlier with no pain medication, and had been hoping to do the same again.) Having Dia there made all the difference. She coached me through contractions, helped me remember to breathe, and even gave me snacks for energy when I needed it. She worked really well with my husband--they became a great team, supporting me through a very tough labor. I know that her calm strength is a huge part of how I made it through the whole labor without the epidural. I couldn't have done it without her--she helped me have the birth I wanted, even through difficult circumstances. I would recommend her without hesitation." - Amy (pictured with Dan and their baby Benjamin)

"I can't imagine going through labor and birth without Dia! she was wonderful from the very first e-mail through my epic 60 hour labor through to the follow up visit with me and baby Zev at home. One of my goals was to have a natural delivery, active labor, minimize interventions, and hold off on any pain killer as long as possible--while still giving birth in a hospital. While Dia and I planned to labor together with my husband at home for as long as possible, no one could foresee that being 2 full days! With her help, we stayed at home till after my water broke-- which was great because its a lot harder to move around at the hospital. I was very impressed with how she worked with the nurses and doctors, and they enjoyed working with her. In the end, my number one goal was achieved -- to have a vaginal deliver with the added bonus of a relatively quick and easy recovery. Overall she was totally indispensable and brought great energy to the whole process. The postpartum visit was also very useful, she helped me figure out illusive baby wraps and answer other mommy questions. I would definitely recommend her." - Amy (Zev's Mama)

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